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Emily Boll

Coach, Speaker, Facilitator

Owner, Real Wellness Co.

Emily Boll is a professional coach, speaker, and facilitator. She has a degree in Psychology with a credential in Diversified Liberal Arts and her Masters in Education from the University of California at Los Angeles. Emily’s most powerful work as a coach reflects her experience as a student of the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Emily learned early on, through her former career as a classroom teacher, how to connect with students and their families.  Her teaching went beyond the classroom and into the communities and homes of each student that she taught. Home-visitations were part of Emily’s annual curriculum and her personal joy.

After experiencing burn out from the stresses of academic policy, Emily decided to take a risk and started her own small business in 2008, called Boot Camp Hawaii. She learned single-handedly how to design, operate, and execute a successful start-up company. For over 6 years, she build a team of over 35 staff who brought fitness and health to the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii.   

Aa an avid and high-performing athlete, Emily completed the 2011 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. During her post-recovery, she experienced severe leaky gut syndrome, an autoimmune disease, that literally attacked her body from the inside out. After 6-months of intense and natural healing, Emily created Real Wellness Co., which is Hawaii’s premier wellness brand. RWCo offers coaching, programs, and workshops to clients and business looking for a whole-person approach when it comes to overall well-being - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  The mission of RWCo is to work with individuals and groups to create a sustainable culture of wellness in today’s modern world.

As a sought out speaker, Emily has shared about How to Take Care of Yourself from the Inside Out and Living a Life Sparked with Joy and Well-being, while creating tangible healing experiences for everyone in the room. When in front of a group, Emily is very much alive and present in a powerful way.

Emily currently works with exceptional women and men who are more than ready to transform their lives, and LIVE to have it all. Through the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology, her style of coaching builds from the concept that one’s internal reality is a reflection of outer experiences.  Transforming this internal reality is on-going and requires the courage to let go of beliefs that no longer serve, no matter how challenging that may turn out to be. It requires experiencing deep healing from within, as a way to apply Loving to places that hurt inside. Lastly, it requires practicing compassionate self-forgiveness, as a way to begin transforming the relationship clients experience with themselves. Emily believes that coaching is the BEST profession on the planet!

You’ll find Emily mostly in her home in Aiea, Hawaii. This is where she enjoys spending simple time with her two amazing children and loving husband.

When wellness is done mindfully,
it can be an easy journey.