AThlete Package

swim, bike, run, surf, train, whatever your chosen athletic ENDEAVOR, you are always on the move. Searching and training for how to get stronger, faster, smarter. our athlete package will help prep you to kick some butt at an event or improve on specific goals. We will also provide you with ways to fuel your fine tuned engine with the best in sports nutrition. We make sure there are no holes in your game. Take it to the next level.

Who it's for

Perfect for those looking to get back into shape through a sport or multiple sports. whether for a specific athletic event or just to find joy in moving like you used to.


  • Set up strong foundational intentions to achieve personal athletic goals (i.e. races, competition, personal records, etc.)

  • Improve your current fitness and performance levels through biometric analysis (i.e. body mass index, body composition, heart rate, etc.)

  • Receive customized weekly food routines that nourish and sustain your body for peak energy and performance

  • Receive customized weekly exercise plans to improve physical and mental skill, performance, strength, and endurance

  • Learn optimal ways to rest and recover your mind and body in order to sustain high levels of performance energy


  • Initial coaching experience (2 hours) 
  • Weekly coaching sessions via Skype/Face Time (2 hours/session)
  • Priority access to your coach
  • Customized RWCo. plans, resources, videos, recipes delivered when you need it the most
  • 100% engagement and participation from you and your coach!
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Watch these videos below to get an idea of how this Athletic wellness package will look and feel