Wellness Basics

Build the foundation, then design the house and not just any house....a BRICK HOUSE.        With our Wellness Basics package we give you the tools and bricks to create solid and unshakeable wellness in your life. We gently gain an understanding of where you are at physically, mentally and emotionally, we make a plan and then we GO! With our coaches' support and guidance you will be on your way to reaching the stars and gaining a new love for your body, mind, and spirit. 

Who it's for

Perfect for people who want to get started in beginning the first steps toward building their very own real wellness lifestyle.


  • Set up strong foundational intentions to live your ideal wellness lifestyle

  • Receive customized weekly movement and food routines that are realistic and achievable during this current phase in your life

  • Solidify personal morning and evening rituals to maximize energy and focus

  • Gain the tools and confidence to set realistic wellness goals for long-term health


  • Initial coaching experience (2 hours) 
  • Weekly coaching sessions via Skype/Face Time (2 hours/session)
  • Priority access to your coach
  • Customized RWCo. plans, resources, videos, recipes delivered when you need it the most
  • 100% engagement and participation from you and your coach!
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Watch these videos below to get an idea of how this basic wellness package will look and feel