De-stress package

Stress happens. Work, kids, relationships, money, illness, H1 traffic on saturday when you are just trying to get to the beach to chill. The list goes on, and is different for everyone. The De-Stress Package takes stress and smashes it on it's ugly head, with Gentle guidance on how to release stress, calm the mind and enhance that razor sharp focus you used to have when you were say...23. We'll teach you how to manage your stress with ease and get you flowing with a new lifestyle that makes the beach commute easy no matter how bad carmaggedon is. 

Who it's for

Perfect for those who usually run the whole show:  caregivers, managers, educators, parents, business owners or anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by day to day stress.


  • Set up strong foundational intentions to live your ideal wellness lifestyle

  • Weekly in-person visits, (6) total sessions, 2 hours/session  

  • Each session includes a walk & talk, gentle yoga/stretching, light oil massage 

  • Solidify personal morning and evening rituals to enhance focus and create ease throughout the day and night

  • Note*: this package does not include weekly food or movement plans


  • Initial coaching experience (2 hours) 
  • Weekly coaching sessions in person (2 hours/session)
  • Priority access to your coach
  • Customized RWCo. plans, resources, videos, recipes delivered when you need it the most
  • 100% engagement and participation from you and your coach!
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Watch these videos below to get an idea of how this De-stress wellness package will look and feel